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Foaming Agent R141b

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Product Description
Dichlofluoroethane(R141b)R141b (HCFC-141b) is the leading substitute blowing agent for CFC-11 in rigid foam insulation materials which are widely used for residential and public constructions,Website:, home applications and transport vehicles.Properties:IndexUnitR141bChemical   formulaCH3CCl2FMolecular   weightg/mol117.0Boiling Point   101.3 KPa(°C)°C32.1Freezing Point   101.3 KPa(°C)°C-103.5Critical PressureKPa4640.2Critical   Temperature (°C)°C210.2Saturated   liquid density (25°C)Kg/m31227Specific heat (25°Cliquid)KJ/kg·k1.17ODP0.11GWP0.09Quality Specification:IndexQuality   PerformanceAppearanceBright &   Clear LiquidOdorNo strange   stenchPurity %≥99.9%Moisture %≤0.005Acidity(as HCL)   %≤0.00001Evaporation   residue %≤0.01Chlorides(Cl-) test %≤0.0003

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