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Fog North Finder

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Product Description
Fiber optic gyro north finder   Fiber optic gyro north finder found applied to radar,electronic reconnaissance vehicles,electronic counter measures,self-propelled guns and tanks need fast measuring direction of weapon equipment system. In addition, it can be used in civil fields such as tunnel, bridge construction, drilling measurement and address exploration.  Model  SDI-131  SDI-161  Azimuth Angle measurement range  0°~360°  0°~360°  Azimuth Angle measurement accuracy  0.3° 1σ0.06° 1σ Tilt measuring range  ±10º  ±10º  Communication interface(optional)  RS-422  RS-422 Baud rate  9600bps  9600bps  Find north time3  min3 min  Time to prepare  10min  10min  Way to work  Static Static  The power supply voltage  24~36VDC  24~36VDC  Working current  1A  1A Vibration  6g 10-200Hz  6g 10-200Hz  Impact  20g 11ms A half sine wave  20g 11ms A half sine wave  Working Temp  -40℃~60℃  -40℃~60℃  Dimension   260mm x 227mm x 190mm 260mm x 227mm x 190mm  weight  

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