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Fog North Seeking Gyro

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FOG-GYRO InclinometerFOG inclinometer use Fiber Optic Gyro and accelerator as main sensors. It is single and multi-point inclinometer, Main features are stronger shock resistance and more reliability. FOG can be used for well trajectory repeated survey, sidetracking well directional.                                                              Technical performance :1. Parameter and accuracy :  Azimuth: 0°~360 °± 1.5 °  Well Inclination:0°~70 ° ± 0.15 °  Gravity tool face:0°~360°± 1.5 °  North tool face:0°~360 °± 3 °2 .Environmental conditions :  Temperature:-20 ℃~80 ℃  (150 ℃ With heat shield )  Pressure resistance:80Mpa .  Impact resistance:700g,0.5ms,  ½sine3.Dimensions : Down hole pressure shield   diameter:45mm (48mm With heat shield ) Standard R guide shoe or E guide shoe

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