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Food Grade Activated Carbon For Food Additive

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If you need guidance in finding the right activated carbon solution for your specific needs, please contact our team of trained professionals for assistance.  Product Description  Product Name : food grade activated carbon for Food additive  Product series : wood powdered activated carbon  Food grade powered activated carbon is produced by chemical activation of sawdust using unique phosphoric process. TK-303 combines a superior adsorptive capacity with advanced mesoporous melecular and stable performance. It’s widely use for decoloration,purification,deodorant, impurity of sugar industries (such as starch sugar,xylitol,stevia sugar). Food additive (such as sorbic acid , citric acid, lactic acid and aspartame). Chemical auxilaries,dye intermediates,pharmaceutical preparation and other high pigment solution.  Food grade powered activated carbon performance analysis IndexModel TK-303-1TK-303-2TK-303-3TK-303-4TK-303-5TK-303-5Decolorigation of methylene bule ml/0.1g≥171716151413Alpha caramel declorigation ℅120110110110100100Loss on drying %101010101010PH value3--53--53--53--53--53--5Ash content U5599Fe Content % size 200mesh pass%909090909090Remark:PH and loss on drying can make according to customer’s special requirementWood based powdered activated carbon package :  1.25 Kg/ 50 Kg PP bags.  2.500 Kg bulk PP bag.  3.25 Kg/ 50 Kg PP bag per pallet for a net pallet weight of 1000 Kg.Introduction of company Tongke Activated Carbon Co.,Ltd is Specialized in research, design , production and sale various of activated carbon.Main product of TongKe Activated Carbon is : Wood based activated carbon, Coal based activated carbon , Nut shell activated carbon ,Activated Carbon Fiber ,Activated carbon related products . Our Product is widely use in water treatment, gas and air purification , Food refining and decolorizing , Medicine , household  etc  Factory & Equipment Warehouse LaboratoryaContact Us

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