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Food Grade Glacial Acetic Acid Ch3cooh 99.7%

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Molecular weight: 60.05Molecular formula: CH3COOHBoiling point (c):117.9Freezing point (c):16.6Relative density (water 1):1.050Viscosity (mPa.s):1.22 (20 C)Vapor pressure (KPa) at 20 degrees C (:1.5)Appearance and smell: colorless liquid,Website:, pungent vinegar sour.Solubility: soluble in water, ethanol, ethyl ether, carbon tetrachloride and glycerol and other organic solvents.Acetic acidAcetic acid carboxyl hydrogen atoms can partially ionized variable into hydrogen ions (protons) released, caused by carboxylic acid acid. Acetic acid in aqueous solution is a weak dollar and acidity was 4.8, pKa=4.75 (25 DEG C), the concentration of 1 mol / L acetic acid solution (similar to the household vinegar concentration) of pH 2.4. That is to say only 0.4% of acetic acid molecules are dissociated.The consumption of acetic acid used for meat products, soy sauce, canned soup, chocolate, instant noodles, jelly, cakes, fish balls, proper use according to production needs (at the same time after acidification treatment, bleaching or enzyme treatment). The consumption of acetic acid, low degree of substitution of starch acetate containing acetyl 0.5% ~ 2.5%, used as a thickener in food processing in the utility model has the advantages of high viscosity, high clarity, weak retrogradation, storage stability. Often the composite modified, cross-linked starch acetate for the high temperature, high shear and low impact pH has higher viscosity stability, low temperature and freeze-thaw stability is high, suitable for canned food can be stored in the application. Under the different temperature. Hydroxypropyl starch acetate, the substitution degree of hydroxypropyl about 3 ~ 6, acetyl substitution degree of about 0.5 to 0.9, as well as matrix gum, insoluble in water, chewing with good elasticity.

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