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Four Roll Rubber Calender

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Product Description
Application:This Unit to be used for rubber compound sheeting, textiles rubberized, steel cord fabric rubberized, rubber billet pressure type, film laminating ply tire and paste isolation film etc. Also used in many types of plastic film calendering, leather, wallpaper, sheets, plates, rubber floors and composite sheet etc. Technical ParameterMODELXY-4 ( I/ Γ)230X630XY-4 ( I/ Γ)360x1120XY-4 ( I/ Γ)400x1200XY-4 ( I/ Γ)450x1400XY-4 ( I/ Γ)610x1730XY-4 ( I/ Γ)710x2130XY-4 ( I/ Γ)810x2430XY-4 (S)860x2500Roll Diametermm230360400450610710810860Working length of rollermm6301120120014001730213024302500Speed ratio of rollers1:1:1:10.73:1:1:0.731:1.383:1.383:11:1.5:1.5:11:1.4:1.4:1.41:1.4:1.4:11:1.5:1.5:11:1.5:1.5:10.5-1Middle-Roller linear speedR/min2.1-212-20.13-26.32.5-258-503-302-204-40Nip adjusting rangemm0-100-100-100-100-200-200.5-250-30Min. Calendering product thicknessmm0. product widthmm500920120012501500190021502200Motor powerKw1555751101852202804x160Overall dimensionmm3800x930x18903300x940x23506400x1620x24906500x1970x27406580x2460x29207010x4150x37309800x3150x520012000x3200x5100WeightT~4.8~16~20~23~50~100~126~180

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