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Fr4 Pcb Board, Fr4 Material Printed Circuit Board

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FR4 PCB Board, FR4 Material Printed Circuit Board of MOKOUse high Brightness LED Chips with great light effect, Luminous Flux reaches 700lm, light efficiency reaches 100lm/w. Compared with conventional incandescent lamp, lighting efficiency enhances 10 times, and saves 90% energy. Compared with conventional energy saving light, lighting efficiency enhances 200%, which is economical and environment-friendly. Replace the energy saving light and incandescent lamp with led, the operating costs will be greatly reduced. Adopts Magnesium Alloy light fixture, which is the New Generation Model and makes its texture harder, weight lighter, heat dispersion better. And also makes its appearance more beautiful, compact and novel.    Very safe, no mercury, no any hazardous materials. It can be fully recycled. Has several categories of color temperature, optional color temperature: warm white (2700k—3500k), natural Suits for professional application with indoor environment like in hotels, restaurants, offices, houses, meeting

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