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Frame Type Hot Press

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Product Description
Frame type hot press1.Usage: For hot pressing rubber & plastic plate type products and thermoplastic/thermosetting materials.2.Parameter:Machine modelMolding force TPlaten size (mm)Daylight opening (mm*layers)type of controlJHR -1600×160010001600×1600200×4~6PLC+GOTJHR -2000×200016002000×2000200×4~6PLC+GOTJHR -2000×200020002200×2200200×4~6PLC+GOTJHR -2500×250025002500×2500200×4~6PLC+GOTJHR -2700×270030002700×2700200×4~6PLC+GOTJHR -3000×300036003000×3000200×4~6PLC+GOTJHR -3200×320040003200×3200200×4~6PLC+GOTJHR -3500×350048003500×3500200×4~6PLC+GOT3. Features:1). Machine adopts finite element analysis design, thus make sure the overall structure is highly stable and strong.2). Heating channels are special designed. Temperature control is precise, temperature tolerance ﹤±20C.3). Machine use excellent seal that features antiwar, ant temperature and long service life.4). Machine is designed to be energy saving, high efficiency.5). Intelligent control operation, the process is stable and reliable performance.

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