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Friction Damper Mount Jmz-t1 Series - Max Static Load From 0.3kg To 1.4kg

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JMZ-T1 friction damper mounts are just the components, whcih take different friction effects in different working environment. Actually, it is not the new technology and it has been widely applied in the field of aviation, vessel, vehicle and others to dissipate energy.From the 1970s, the technology of friction damper amount is applied to the project construction of bridge, road and railroad. Contact deformation, friction and damping of vibrations occurring in temporary fastenings and permanent joints have essential influence on dynamical properties of machines and devices. Mathematical description of the phenomenon of structural friction is not easy due to the complexity of the friction process and difficulties in describing the state of stresses and deformations occurring in the joints of elements.Model Number Code Ordering of JMZ-T1 Series:Structural Diagram of JMZ-T1 Series:Technical Data of JMZ-T1 Series:Vibration Curve of JMZ-T1 Series:

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