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Frozen Chicken Breast

Product Description

we are direct supplier of poultry products of chicken and it parts produced in germany and brazil.
we offer the following chicken parts as
-frozen/fresh halal whole chicken
-frozen/fresh halal chicken wings
-frozen/fresh halal chicken legs quarters
-frozen/fresh halal chicken upper backs
-frozen/fresh halal chicken backs
-frozen/fresh halal chicken 2 joint wings
-frozen/fresh halal chicken drumsticks
-frozen/fresh halal chicken thighs
-frozen/fresh halal chicken boneless skinless thighs
-frozen/fresh halal chicken breast
-frozen/fresh halal chicken gizzards, liver and heart

we also export the frozen chicken paws and feet of great quality and the lowest affordable prices

frozen processed chicken feet
1. feather off
2. well cleaned and fresh
3. no bruise
4. no broken bone bone (less than 5%)
5. no black flaw (less than 3%)
6. no amount of moisture (less than 5%)

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Es-food-sale A/s
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Thomas Arrgaad