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Frozen Chicken Paws For Sale

Product Description


processed frozen chicken feet & frozen chicken paws


chicken feet

-  washed and clean.
-  without yellow skin.
-  no feathers.
-  no bad smell.
-  no blood.
-  no bruises.
-  no black pads.
-  no traces of carved deep wounds.
-  no ammonia burns.
-  broken bones: under 3%.
-  moisture content: less than 5%.
- weight per piece is 45-55g
- length per piece 13-15cm


chicken paws
- white skin
- no broken bones 0%
- outer yellow skin off
- well cleaned and fresh
- no bruises
- no black pads or ammonia burns
- no bad smells
- no excessive blood or blood stains
- moisture content is less than 3%
- weight per piece is 35-45g
- length per piece 10-12cm

-  drainage: 0 to -5癈 for 8 hours.
-  blasted at: -40癈.
-  storage at: -18癈

-packing:  20kg carton  boxes  containing 5kgpoly bags x 4 in each

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