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Fuji R301 Zebra Printer Ribbon

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Product Description
PT3004( Fujicopian R301 )is a Special resin ribbon widely used for food packaging materials print like PP, PET and synthetic paper. Excellent performance in oil and water resistance is great for cold storage for food package.PERFORMANCE PROPERTIES•Excellent performance in printing general wrapping polypropylene•SSuperior resistance to oils and water and preservability in cold•storage environments•Higher suitable ability on PP and PET film than competitor resin ribbons TYPICAL APPLICATION•Suitable for PE, PET film etc food and drink packaging materials.•No spoiling of image during transportation and handling of food.RECOMMENDED LABEL STOCK•Gloss & matt Coated papers•Synthetic film•Polyethylene, polypropylene, polyolefin, polyvinylchloride, PolyesterRIBBON SPECIFICATION•Resin ribbon, used for flat head printer•Total Thickness:  6.0±1.0μ•Base Film Thickness:  4.5±0.5μ•Ink Thickness:  1.6±0.5μ•Ink Melting Point:  80°C •Print Speed:  up to 8 ips •Print Density:  2.2 Densitometer•Oil resistance:  Min. ANSI 2.0 C•Water resistance:  Min. ANSI 2.0 C•Preservability in cold storage :  Min. ANSI 2.0 CSTORAGE CONDITIONS•0°C TO 35°C•Humidity: 30 to 85 % RH

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