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Fuji Supreme Game Machine

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Qicheng Dongman Company is one of the top level China fuji supreme game machine manufacturers and suppliers, with professional factory we are able to offer you high-quality and CE best fuji supreme game machine at competitive price. Welcome to buy fashion or wholesale new products from us.Fuji supreme play description:1, the traditional singled gameplay, from 24 pairs of cards out a card, guess this card belongs to the kind of color (i.e., spades, hearts, clubs, diamonds) or the king.2, the king does not eat any color.Two, 3 kinds of power selection: 3.8, 3.8, 4, 20, 4 times (the king does not eat); 3, 3, 6, 6, 24, (in the king to eat).Product highlights:When crash Mingpai, guess the card, ahead of the open side of the brand angle to inform the player is about to open the card belongs to what kind of color or what kind of color (such as red or black, hearts or spades) internationally moment to seize the opportunity to grab charge.A send color (such as: Ming opened the black, the game player can directly charge spades and clubs, will be the one).B send flowers (such as: Ming is open hearts, the hearts will be in charge of direct game player, hearts)

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