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Fully Automatic Hanger Assembly Machine

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Fully Automatic Hanger Assembly MachineFeatures:Fully automatic assembly machine for plastic hangers to reduce labor cost.Small machine takes up little space with high production efficiency.Simple structure control by PLC with HMI operation system.Easily operated by the operator who only trained in a short time.Parameters:Production rate: 20~25 Pcs/Min.Control system: PLCHeating Mode: Transformer/ RadiofrequencyOperation method: Automatic/ HMI Manually and Parameter settingPower supply: Single phase 220VAir supply: 0.6MpaDimension (L*W*H): 2000*1400*1800mmWork Process:Curved plastics parts are manually put into the hopper with adequate quantities at a time, and fed into fixture after distributed of a single piece via the distributing mechanism, then feed into the insert station. The hooks are fed auto arrange via vibrating bowl feeder after distributed of a single piece via the distributing mechanism, and then insert into curved plastic part while the hook is clamped in the insert station.Heating mode with electrical heating and Radiofrequency that separately for opaque hangers and RF heating for transparent hangers.Application: The machine is used for various plastic hangers’ assembly.

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