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Fused Silica WindowsFeatures: low cost, low thermal coefficient of expansion, better thermal stability, superior properties of transmission, mechanics and optics.Applications: Electrics, precision optics, laser equipments, laser set-ups, optics communication, emitter, detector protection devices, spectrophotometers, imaging systems, etc.Description:Fused Silica Windows is based on UV synthetic fused silica,which shows better performance from UV to IR spectrum than BK7 material. Also, it is the best choice in terms of thermal stability. In addition to superior transmission characteristics, fused silica exhibits higher thermal properties, exceptional purity, and excellent environmental durability for applications.Fused silica is a superior optical material possesses excellent optical, chemical and physical properties whtt is formed by chemical combination of silicon and oxygen. Advantages of fused silica material include: good UV and IR transmission, stability and resistance to thermal shock over large temperature excursions, low thermal expansion, wider thermal operating range and high laser damage threshold.UV Fused Silica Windows are precision manufactured using UV-grade synthetic fused silica. In addition to superior transmission, the synthetic fused silica of these optical windows exhibit higher thermal properties, exceptional purity, and excellent environmental durability for demanding applications.These optical windows are designed for use in optical systems to separate two environments while passing a particular spectral range between them. Applications include laser set-ups (i.e. at Brewster’s angle), emitter/detector protection devices (such as in spectrophotometers), and imaging systems involving ultraviolet wavelengths.Specifications: Material: Fused Silica Dimension Tolerance: +0.0/-0.2mm Thickness Tolerance: ±0.2mm(General),±0.05(High Precision) Surface Quality: 60/40(General),10/5(High Precision) Clear Aperture: >90% Flatness:λ/2@633nm(General),λ/10@633nm (High Precision) Parallelism:

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