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Fy-1000 Strong Pressure Briquette Machine

PRICE: 160000 USD
Product Description

Strong pressure briquette machine mainly press all kinds of Iron powder, mineral powder, iron oxide skin, slag, refractories, etc. Every powdered materials which need clinker all need to use strong pressure briquette machine.

Working Principles
Strong pressure briquette machine powered by the electromagnetic motor speed. through the belt pulley, cylindrical gear reducer, to the drive shaft by pin coupling. The driving shaft and the driven shaft be ensured synchronous operation through a gear .there is a hydraulic device behind the Passive bearing seat. Screw feeding driven by electromagnetic motor speed control. Force the materials into feeding port through the belt wheel and the worm reducer. Cause the constant of the electromagnetic motor seed control until the weight of the screw feeder is equal to the needed weight, then the constant feeder pressure make the ball with stable quality.

Technical Parameters
Model: FY-1000
Capacity: 40t/h
Roller Width: 650mm
Roller Dia: 1000mm
Power: 130kw
Spindle Speed: 10r/min

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