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Fy-450 Briquette Machine For Lignite, Coal, Coking Coal, Slag, Sludge Forming

PRICE: 60000 USD
Product Description

Instruction and Working Principle
Lignite briquette machine (has agglomerant type) main equipment are motor, reducer, main machine, belt pulley, ball groove alignment device of roller shell, hydraulic system, electric control and other parts. cause of the gravity of lignite itself, put the lignite into the middle of the two rollers, two roller surface evenly distributed the same roll nest shape, two pairs of rollers constant, reverse rotation, bite the materials which delivered to the groove notch into the groove and forced compression, with rollers continue to rotate, the ball was done under its surface tension and gravity.

Common knowledge
1. Must install a reliable iron removal equipment in front of the feeder no matter use any feeder method, otherwise it may damage the pressing roller or cause a big problem to the machine.
2. To ensure the equipment well operating, must use the adjusting dosing feeder before put the materials into the equipment.
3. The related equipment should achieve the chain process start and stop.
4. After the equipment well operating, should regular checking every connection parts are fastness or not.
5. When changing the bearings, you should adjust the radial internal clearance, the internal clearance should meet a criterion.
6. The lubricating point of the fixed ammonia bearing race and the sliding bearing pedestal should add oil on time. Make sure the intracavity should kept 80% grease. When the drive support add the oil, should ensure the pre-pressing equipment has lubricating came out from the forehead of the shaft.
7. Hydraulic oil pump, oil filter should be cleaned after worked for one month. After the effective work time 3-6 months, should clean the fuel tank once, change the new oil. Winter environment temperature of the hydraulic station should above 5℃.

Technical Parameters
Model: FY-450
Capacity: 4100kg/h
Roller Width: 350mm
Roller Dia: 450mm
Power: 22kw
Spindle Speed: 14r/min

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