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Fy-550 Briquette Machine For Flue Dust, Saw Dust, Dry Powder Forming

PRICE: 110000 USD
Product Description

Flue dust briquette machine is using for press the coal powder, iron powder, coking coal, aluminite powder, scrap iron, oxide-scale, carbon powder, charcoal powder, slag, gypsum, tailings, sludge, Kaolin, activated carbon, dust coke and all kinds of powder, powder materials, waste materials, offscum scrap. Widely used in refractory, power plant, metallurgy, chemical plant, energy resource, transportation, heat supply, etc. The products which after pressed by the iron powder briquette machine are energy saving, environmental protection, convenient transportation, improve the waste using rate, has good economic benefit and social benefit.

Working Principle
The main structure of flue dust briquette machine are transmit system, mainframe, reducer, belt pulley, pre-pressing device, ball groove alignment device of the roller sleeve, hydraulic system, electronic control and other parts. During the working process quantitative material, evenly add into the pre-pressing device, keep the material quantity stable inside the pre-pressing device, then the pre-pressing spiral of the pre-pressing device force the materials into the middle of the roller for pre-compressed and transported to two arc-shaped notches on the roll, two roller surface evenly distributed the same roll nest shape, through the teeth combined transmission, so that two pairs of rollers constant, reverse rotation, bite the materials which delivered to the groove notch into the groove and forced compression, with rollers continue to rotate, off ball under the function of its elasticity and gravity, as the motor continuous rotation for periodic rotation of the pressure roller pressing movement, to achieve mass production.

Technical Parameters
Model: FY-550
Roller Dia: 550mm
Total Pressure: 150t
Max Voltage Ratio: 12t/cm
Weight: 12t/h

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