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Galanized Coil Mesh With Diamond Hole

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Hebei Daye Wire Mesh Products Co.,Ltd


High quality manufacture of wire mesh,can be customized


Prodcut Description

Material:galvanized sheet,stainless steel



coil width


coil length(m)bore diameterwall width(mm)


Coil mesh is a small concrete special mesh,canbe divided into two kinds,one is forming,plate made by stamping processing,antherbutt welding and:galvenized low carbon steel wire for welding and weld plating too.

Coil mesh used in building,hollow wall reinforcement,increase elasticity,prevent cracks in the wall,is a good building materials.
For the foundation,walls have higher requirements to local and local stress on strength and stability.In the brick and block to reinforce,used in the reinforcement of brick and block masonry cement mortar every key,make bricks and cement  mortar to integral of a whole structure,maximun absorption should be force and vibration,shock of excellent,good contruction materials.


Seismic,seismic resistance,temperature resistance,pressure resisitance,expansion,strong effcect on the wall up.

Texture of material:
Galvanized iron,stainless steel.

used between the brick and cement.

Production process:
steel punching, expanding.

Performance characteristics:
convenient construction has larger resistance strength,compression resisitance,earthquake resosotance if  anti cracking, resisitance to temperature changes in performance, the bilding with the steel netare connected into the characteristics of the overall structure.

Company introduction

Daye,professional manufacturers of building materials,to create an international brand, gem, ann.We specialize in angel bead,plaster mesh and coil mesh.Style diversity, which corner bead series, coil mesh is a patented product.Our company has a strong research and development staff, is the most domestic style, production equipment, the most complete.

Quality certification through the ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, EC certification,Products in strict accordance with the people's Republic of China GB-5330 standard test, and a comprehensive import CIS brand image,Has won the "Hongkong famous trademark", "China building famous brand", "famous brand in Guangdong province", "international brand", "quality assured product" title.

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Anan products in 1997 took the lead through the ISO9001:2000international quality system certification,ISO14001 environmental management system certification,SGS certification,product in strict accordance with the standard of the People's Republic of China GB-5330 test,and comprehensive import CIS brand image,ICC is being test.


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