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Galvanized Square Hole Angle Beads

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Product Description

Hebei Daye Wire Mesh Products Co.,Ltd


High quality manufacture of wire mesh,can be customized

Product Description

Material:usually galvanized sheet,aluminium,stainless steel


Length:usually 2.4-3m

Width:usually 30*30   40*40mm


Usage:wall reinforcement

Wall net series description
Corner bead can be in plaster works on the ridge formed straight side to engage on cracking or crazing,and to protect and repair the most vulnerable part of the grey walls,the wing canbe onany side of the ridge firmly wrong into the mortar of all the depth and angle of stucco non important,buldong cinstruction is easy and can be save a lot of time.



Seismic resistance,temperature resisture,pressure resistance,expansion,strong effect on the wall up.

Texture of material:
Galvanized iron,stainless steel,aluminium.

used in the corner of the wall or window edge,in its two wings to cast cement can be.


product design point of view into 86-89 degree,effective and wall full contact wings are divided into punching and expansion,not only cinvenient nail and the best corner parts of tje gypsum board or other adhesive materials with more solid.During the construction,there is no by wooden boards,may be the primary plaster also make perfect corner straight,shorten the construction time,effectively reduces the construction cost.

Company introduce 

Hebei Daye mainly products Corner bead,coil mesh, plaster mesh,keel accessories,hy-rib lath and expanded metal lath for 13 years.We have more than 10 people research and development team,has dozens of production line.

ANAN products equipment,the most complete.Quality certification through the ISO9001:2000international quality system certification,ISO14001 environmental management system certification,EC certification,Products in strict accordance weth the People's Republic of China GB-5330 standard test,and a comperhensive import CIS brand image ,and ICC is being tested.

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Do u have experience in exporting wire mesh?

Yes,we have been on wire mesh business line for 13 years,mainly for we have business in 42 countries.

How can I trust u company?

We are the alibab ONE TOUCH VIP Customer.You can make order through Assure trade on alibaba.

3 What Certuficate u have?

   ISO9001,SGS, Alibaba VIP Customer,etc.

4 I want some style factory can product it?

   Our factory will be customized according to customer requirement of production,to do    our bestto meet your needs.

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