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Gas Discharge Tube Lightning Arrester N Male To N Female Dc-3ghz

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If you are going to consult the information about gas discharge tube lightning arrester n male to n female dc-3ghz, Xiamen HDG Telecom Equipments Co.,Ltd is one of the leading gas discharge tube lightning arrester n male to n female dc-3ghz manufacturers and also a famous such supplier, welcome to visit our website.Our surge arresters provide excellent lightning protection and outstanding RF performance. All designs have low return loss, low insertion loss and low intermodulation. We offers λ/4 wave shorting stubs and gas discharge tube type for your selection.SpecificationProduct Number:SA-NM-NF-2(DC-3GHz)               Dimensions are in millimetersInterfaceAccording to                                                                                               IEC 60169-16ElectricalCharacteristic Impedance                                                                                     50ohmFrequency Range                                                                                              DC-3GHz    VSWR                                                                                                                      ≤1.18     Insertion Loss                                                                                                       ≤0.3dBDielectric Resistance                                                                                     ≥5000MΩContact Resistance                                                                     Outer contact≤1.0mΩ                                                                                                     Center contact≤1.0mΩPeak Discharge Current(KA)                                                                                  10/20Initial Discharge Voltage(V)                                                                     75/90/150/230Peak Power(W)                                                                                                            200MechanicalDurability                                                                                            Mating cycles≥500Material and plating                                                                Material                                                    PlatingBody                                                       Brass                                                                NiInsulator                                                  PTFE                                                                 -Sealing Element                                   Silicon Rubber                                                   -Center conductor                                  Brass rods/Bronze Bar                                   AuEnvironmental               Temperature Range                                                                                      -40℃~+85℃Watertightness                                                                                                             IP67Rosh-compliance                                                                          Full ROHs complianceSalt-fog test                                                                                                                    96h 1.CNC machines ,advanced test equipment 2.All products are suit for ROHS. 3.ISO14001 certificate,ISO9001 certificateHDG Telecom is a telecom provider with 5 years experience since 2010, we  have effective sales teamwork and professional & rich experienced engineers to help you move faster. We consider our customers as our friends and families, we do believe in win-win situation for building up our long-term business relationship.

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