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Gas Removal Coal Based Spherical Activated Carbon

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Product Description Product Name : spherical activated carbon Raw material: coal or woodAppearance: Black round granular, spherical shape, odorlessSpherical activated carbon Specification:sizeIodine(mg/g)≥hardness(%)≥Apparent Density(g/l)PH valueAsh(%)1-3.5mm95095510±208-11≤5100095500±203.5-7.5mm95095500±20100095490±20103095480±207.5-12mm95095490±20100095480±20103095470±20Tongke Spherical activated carbon application  Mainly used for air purification, air-conditioning filters, solvent recovery, bleaching, water treatment, oil bleaching,: Packing : 1.25 Kg/ 50 Kg PP bags.2.500 Kg bulk PP bag. 3.25 Kg/ 50 Kg PP bag per pallet for a net pallet weight of 1000 Kg.Introduction of company Tongke Activated Carbon Co.,Ltd is Specialized in research, design , production and sale various of activated carbon.Main product of TongKe Activated Carbon is : Wood based activated carbon, Coal based activated carbon , Nut shell activated carbon ,Activated Carbon Fiber ,Activated carbon related products . Our Product is widely use in water treatment, gas and air purification , Food refining and decolorizing , Medicine , household  etc  Factory & Equipment Warehouse LaboratoryaContact Us

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