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Gdl Series Vertical Multistage Inline Pumps

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Product Name: GDL type Vertical Multistage Pipeline PumpsProduct Category: Multistage PumpsI. Product Overview:A GDL type vertical multistage pipeline pump is a new generation of products designed and manufactured in accordance with JB/TQ6435-92 Standard on the basis of excellent pumps in foreign countries in combination with the user's requirements and standards related to fire control.A pump suction inlet and a pump discharging outlet are on the same line. A rotor component is composed of a shaft,Website:, an impeller, an impeller spacer sleeve and a sleeve part. The water inlet section, the middle section and the water outlet section are connected through tightening bolts. Shaft seal adopts mechanical seal, with the pressure on the balance of water for lubrication and cooling. Pressure water in a balance chamber is used for lubricating and cooling. The pump is an optimal type of pump for transporting hot and cold water or liquid with physical and chemical properties similar to those of water.Products of our company are all designed and optimized through computers. The company has strong technical force, abundant production experience and perfect testing means, so that stable and reliable product quality is guaranteed.II. Scope of Application:The pump is widely used for circulation and boosting of hot and cold water in the high -pressure running system, multi-pump parallel water supply for high-rise buildings, fire protection, boiler water feeding, cooling water systems and transportation of various fluids.III. Product Characteristics:1. Advanced hydraulic model: high efficiency and wide performance range.2. Convenient installation and maintenance: pipe installation, an inlet and an outlet can be installed like a valve anywhere in any direction of the pipe, and the pump is quite convenient to install and maintain.3. Attractive appearance: the sleeve of the pump is made of high-quality stainless steel, so that the appearance is attractive. 4. Less running and maintenance costs: high-quality mechanical seal is used, and accordingly the pump is wear-resistant, free of leakage, long in service life and low in failure rate and lower in operation and maintenance cost. 5. Unique parts and reduced noise: the unique design of hydraulic components is used, so that flow passage performance is good, and flowing noise is minimized. 6. A vertical structure occupies small area.IV. Technical Parameters:Flow rate: 2-160m3/h;Head: 24-200m; Power: 1.1-90kw;Rotation speed 2900r/min;Diameter: phi 5- phi150 ;Temperature range: -15-+120 DEG C;Working pressure: ≤ 2.5Mpa.V. Model Implicationsnstallation dimensionInstallation dimension drawing of LG type multistage feed pumps of high-rising buildingsInstallation dimension table of LG type multistage feed pumps of high-rising buildingsstructure chartperformance parametersModelFlow rate                    Q(m3/h)Head                    H(m)Suction head(m)Motor power(KW)25GDL2-12*32367.51.125GDL2-12*42487.51.125GDL2-12*52607.51.525GDL2-12*62727.51.525GDL2-12*72847.52.225GDL2-12*82967.52.225GDL2-12*921087.52.225GDL2-12*1021207.5325GDL2-12*1121327.5325GDL2-12*1241447.5325GDL4-11*34337.51.125GDL4-11*44447.51.525GDL4-11*54557.52.225GDL4-11*64667.52.225GDL4-11*74777.5325GDL4-11*84887.5325GDL4-11*94997.5325GDL4-11*1041107.5425GDL4-11*1141217.5425GDL4-11*1241327.5440GDL6-12*36367.51.540GDL6-12*46487.52.240GDL6-12*56607.52.240GDL6-12*66727.5340GDL6-12*76847.5340GDL6-12*86967.5440GDL6-12*961087.5440GDL6-12*1061207.5440GDL6-12*1161327.55.540GDL6-12*1261447.55.550GDL12-15*2123072.250GDL12-15*312457350GDL12-15*412607450GDL12-15*5127575.550GDL12-15*6129075.550GDL12-15*71210577.550GDL12-15*81212077.550GDL12-15*91213571150GDL12-15*101215071150GDL18-15*218307350GDL18-15*318457450GDL18-15*4186075.550GDL18-15*5187577.550GDL18-15*6189077.550GDL18-15*71810571150GDL18-15*81812071150GDL18-15*91813571550GDL18-15*101815071565GDL24-12*224246365GDL24-12*324366465GDL24-12*4244865.565GDL24-12*5246067.565GDL24-12*6247267.565GDL24-12*7248461165GDL24-12*8249661165GDL24-12*92410861565GDL24-12*102412061580GDL36-12*236245.5480GDL36-12*336365.55.580GDL36-12*436485.57.580GDL36-12*536605.51180GDL36-12*636725.51180GDL36-12*736845.51580GDL36-12*836965.51580GDL36-12*9361085.518.580GDL36-12*10361205.518.580GDL54-14*2542857.580GDL54-14*3544251180GDL54-14*4545651580GDL54-14*55470518.580GDL54-14*654894518.580GDL54-14*75498522100GDL72-14*272284.511100GDL72-14*372424.515100GDL72-14*472564.518.5100GDL72-14*572704.522100GDL72-14*672744.530100GDL72-14*772984.53performance spectrum

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