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Ge Na200 Series Insert Ball Bearings

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Product Description
Xiamen Goldenbridge Imp. & Exp. Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China ge na200 series insert ball bearings manufacturers, and is also a professional ge na200 series insert ball bearings supplier and factory, we are always at your service.GE NA200 series insert ball bearingsInsert Bearing is general designed with prelubricated. Adopted Double-Ply or Tri-Ply sealed Suitable for environment where severe contamination such as agricultural tillage equipment. This series of bearing is easy to be assembled and disassembled. It can rugulates the shaft angular deviation from two ends supporting and shaft distortion automaticallyKRR, KRRB, G-KRR,G-KRRB seriesFeatures :1. Less energy consumption.2 Durable seals and couping life.3. Less vibration and noise.4.  Super finished raceways.Insert ball bearings are typically used in applications in the following industries:AgriculturalConveyor / conveyanceConstructionFood and beverage processingPackagingTextileOEM Service :We can make non-standard ball bearings , if you have different request, feel free to send drawings or sample.We also can make custom LOGO.Eccentric Collar Type Insert bearings catalogue :Shaft DiaBearing No.CollarBasic RelubricatableNon-RelubricableNumberOuter ringmmSphericalCylindricalSphericalCylindrical Size G1008KRRB 1008KRRB1010KRRS1008K203 G1010KRRBG1010KRR1010KRRB1010KRRS1010K G1011KRRBG1011KRR1011KRRB1011KRRS1011K17GE 17 KRRBGE 17 KRRE 17 KRRBE 17 KRRSE17K G1012KRRBG1012KRR1012KRRB1012KRRS1012K20420GE 20 KRRBGE 20 KRRE 20 KRRBE 20KRRSE20K G1013KRRB  1013KRRS1013K205 G1014KRRBG1014KRR1014KRRB1014KRRS1014K G1015KRRBG1015KRR1015KRRB1015KRRS1015K G1100KRRBG1100KRR1100KRRB1100KRRS1100K25GE 25 KRRBGE 25 KRRE 25 KRRBE 25 KRRSE25K G1101KRRBG1101KRR1101KRRB S1101K206 G1102KRRBG1102KRR1102KRRB1102KRRS1102K G1103KRRBG1103KRR1103KRRB1103KRRS1103K G1103KRRB3 1103KRRB31103KRR3S1103K330GE 30 KRRBGE 30 KRRE 30 KRRBE 30 KRRSE30K G1104KRRBG1104KRR1104KRRB1104KRRS1104K207 G1105KRRB 1105KRRB1105KRRS1105K G1106KRRBG1106KRR1106KRRB1106KRRS1106K G1107KRRBG1107KRR1107KRRB1107KRRS1107K35GE 35 KRRBGE 35 KRRE 35 KRRBE 35 KRRSE35K G108KRRBG1108KRR1108KRRB1108KRRS1108KT208 G1109KRRB 1109KRRB S1109KT40GE 40 KRRBGE 40 KRRE 40 KRRBE 40 KRRSE40K G1110KRRBG1110KRR1110KRRB1110KRRS1110K209 G1111KRRBG1111KRR1111KRRB1111KRRS1111K G1112KRRBG1112KRR1112KRRB1112KRRS1112K45GE 45 KRRBGE 45 KRRE 45 KRRBE 45 KRRSE45K G1113KRRB   S1113K210 G1114KRRB 1114KRRB1114KRRS1114K G1115KRRBG1115KRR1115KRRB1115KRRS1115K50GE 50 KRRBGE 50 KRRE 50 KRRBE 50 KRRSE50K G1200KRRBG1200KRR1200KRRB1200KRRS1200K211 G1201KRRB   S1201K G1202KRRB 1202KRRB1202KRRS1202K G1203KRRBG1203KRR1203KRRB1203KRRS1203K55GE 55 KRRBGE 55 KRRE 55 KRRBE 55 KRRSE55K G1204KRRB  1204RRS1204K212 G1207KRRBG1207KRR1207KRRB1207KRRS1207K60GE 60 KRRBGE 60 KRRE 60 KRRBE 60 KRRSE60KNAS201 HCS201 UGW201 EX201   YEL203/12-2FNAS201-8 HCS201- 8 UGW201-8 EX201-8  1008KRRBNAS202 HCS202 UGW202 EX202  E15KRRB YEL203/15-2FNAS202-9 HCS202-9 UGW202-9 EX202-9  1009KRRBNAS202-10 HCS202-10 UGW202-10 EX202-10  1010KRRBNAS203 HCS203 UGW203 EX203  E17KRRB YEL203-2FNAS203-11 HCS203-11 UGW203-11 EX203-11  1011KRRBNA201 HC201 UG201NA201-8 HC201-8 UG201-8NA202 HC202 UG202NA202-9 HC202-9 UG202-9NA202-10 HC202-10 UG202-10NA203 HC203 UG203NA203-11 HC203-11 UG203-11NA204 HC204 UG204  UEL204 E20KRRB YEL204-2FNA204-12 HC204-12 UG204-12  UEL204-012 1012KRRB YEL204-012-2FNA205 HC205 UG205 EX205 UEL205 E25KRRB YEL205-2FNA205-13 HC205-13 UG205-13 EX205-13 UEL205-013 1013KRRBNA205-14 HC205-14 UG205-14 EX205-14 UEL205-014 1014KRRBNA205-15 HC205-15 UG205-15 EX205-15 UEL205-015 1015KRRBNA205-16 HC205-16 UG205-16 EX205-16 UEL205-100 1100KRRB YEL205-100-2FNA206 HC206 UG206 EX206 UEL206 E30KRRB YEL206-2FNA206-17 HC206-17 UG206-17 EX206-17 UEL206-101 1101KRRBNA206-18 HC206-18 UG206-18 EX206-18 UEL206-102 1102KRRBNA206-19 HC206-19 UG206-19 EX206-19 UEL206-103 1103KRRBNA206-20 HC206-20 UG206-20 EX206-20 UEL206-104 1103KRRB3 YEL206-104-2FNA207 HC207 UG207 EX207 UEL207 E35KRRB YEL207-2FNA207-20 HC207-20 UG207-20 EX207-20 UEL207-104 1104KRRBNA207-21 HC207-21 UG207-21 EX207-21 UEL207-105 1105KRRBNA207-22 HC207-22 UG207-22 EX207-22 UEL207-106 1106KRRBNA207-23 HC207-23 UG207-23 EX207-23 UEL207-107 1107KRRBNA208 HC208 UG208 EX208 UEL208 E40KRRB YEL208-2FNA208-24 HC208-24 UG208-24 EX208-24 UEL208-108 1108KRRB YEL208-108-2FNA208-25 HC208-25 UG208-25 EX208-25 UEL208-109 1109KRRBNA209 HC209 UG209 EX209 UEL209 E45KRRB YEL209-2FNA209-26 HC209-26 UG209-26 EX209-26 UEL209-110 1110KRRBNA209-27 HC209-27 UG209-27 EX209-27 UEL209-111 1111KRRBNA209-28 HC209-28 UG209-28 EX209-28 UEL209-112 1112KRRB YEL209-112-2F

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