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Ge Vivid Q Ultrasound (accessories/ Probes Included)

PRICE: 12900 USD
Product Description

The ultrasound system GE Vivid q is the machine portable cardiac highest premium line portable cardiac ultrasound GE . It features many of the high-end technologies that are in the GE Vivid 7 GE Vivid E9 -based console machines that are not in the ultrasound machine GE Vivid i , namely M4S -RS , and Automated Calculation - Fraction ejection .

The Vivid q has a larger keyboard and more customizable controls generally provide better usability through other portable cardiac ultrasound machine for sale. It is relatively easy to customize your image presets , image controls, programmable keys , notes and more .

Triplex imaging capabilities also make this a good choice for Phlebology and real-time applications that require 2D , color and spectral Doppler image.

Providian Medical Ultrasound Vivid q opinion :

The Matrix cardiac ultrasound probe M4S -RS is considered the best reason to buy the Vivid q ... allows deeper penetration and higher resolution of the image in the 3S -RS .

The Vivid q (and other portable ultrasound living ) are without doubt the best design portable ultrasound machines from GE, as they are quite intuitive and consistent. Doctors love the image quality for cardiac , vascular, venous , small parts, and a variety of images that require excellent image near-field and deep tissue penetration or difficult to image patients .

Refurbished GE Vivid q Functions

  2D imaging
  CW Doppler
  Depth Intelligent Technology
  Images Coded Octave
  Tissue Tracking ( TT )
  Tissue Velocity Imaging ( TVI )
  Automated image function ( AFI )
  Tissue Synchronization Imaging (TSI )
  Imaging Intracardiac Echo ( ICE )
  Integrated Stress Echo
  Deep penetration in Cardiac and Vascular / Small Parts images
  Excellent image quality
  SRI images with reduced speckle
  Triplex images
  LCD 15 “
  Internal Hard Disk Drive
  Export to digital media such as DVD , flash drive, hard drive, network
  Tissue Harmonic Imaging
  High Resolution zoom
  Automatic Tissue Optimization
  A wide range of cardiac , convex , T , and linear transducers
  Full connectivity DICOM
  Additional options: Tracking weaving, speed images , images of blood flow ( B - Flow) , TSI Syncronization tissue , automatic calculation of ejection fraction , stress echocardiography , contrast imaging , the IMT measurement program , Analysis Quantitave Q - Analysis) , LVO Contrast , and LOGIQView ( panoramic images )

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