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Gepon Onu Transceiver

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DescriptionGEPON ONU Transceiver FEUF-314933x-ExCD is a high performance module with SFF package supports data rate of typical 1.25 Gbps for GEPON ONU application up to 20km transmission distance, it's designed for meeting with IEEE Std 802.3ah™ -2004. SC rececptacle or SC pigtail is for optical interface.Features• Bi-Directional SFF Single Mode Transceiver • SC or SC/PC Pigtail Receptacle is optional • Compliant with IEEE Std 802.3ah™ -2004 • 1310nm burst-mode 1.25Gbps transmitter with FP laser• 1490nm continuous-mode 1.25Gbps receiver with PIN• Digital diagnostic interface compliant with SFF-8472 V9.4 • Digital Diagnostic Monitoting with external calibration • Compliant with RoHS directive• Compliant with Telcordia (Bellcore) GR-468-CORE• Maximal reach 20km• Operating case temperature:standard:0 to to 70°CApplications• IEEE 802.3ah 1000BASE-PX10,PX20 • GEPON ONU for P2MP Application• Burst mode application. • FTTx WDM Broadband AccessOrdering Information:Part No.Data RateSuitable Network ApplicationWavelengthOutput Power(dBm)ReceiverSensitivity(dBm)DDMIFEUF-314933P-E1CD1.25G/1.25GPX10T1310 FP R1490 PIN-1~4<-24YFEUF-314933P-E2CD1.25G/1.25GPX20T1310 FP R1490 PIN-1~4<-24YFEUF-314933S-E1CD1.25G/1.25GPX10T1310 FP R1490 PIN-1~4<-24YFEUF-314933S-E1CD1.25G/1.25GPX20T1310 FP R1490 PIN-1~4<-24Y

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