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Ggj Low-voltage Switchgear

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XD Baoji Electric Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China ggj low-voltage switchgear manufacturers and suppliers, as a professional company, our factory is able to produce quality ggj low-voltage switchgear products at competitive price. Product Description             GGJ non-power automatic compensation screen is suitable for the power distribution system of AC 50Hz and three phase 380V, 100kVA-1000KVA transformer capacity in the industrial and mining enterprises and residential buildings as reactive power compensation. GGJ is used together with GGD low-voltage distribution panel.Features of Product      The grouping can be automatically controlled within the interval of 10-120s according to the demanded quantity of reactive power compensation by the power grid; The capacitor can be put into or cut out of the power grid in 4 to 12 groups (steps) so as to achieve automatic reactive power compensation, stabilize power supply voltage quality, and reduce losses of power transmission and distribution systems and transformers, and reach the purpose of saving the energy consumption and improving the power supply quality of power grid.      GGJ capacitance cabinet is suitable for all types of workshops with moisture and dust. It is suitable for the industrial and mining enterprises including textile, metallurgy, chemical, mining, machinery etc. It is used as the power and lighting distribution of the three-phase three-wire, four-wire or five-wire low-voltage distribution systems of AC 50Hz, rated voltage of 380V or 660V and rated current up to 630A. It also can be used for part of the control in the low-voltage control system.

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