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Giant Hopper Dryer

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Product Description
Dryer with 1000-3000kg capacity consisted of 2 insulating layers for heat preservation. Downward airflow and circumfluent hot air ensure even drying and high efficiency.Material contact parts are made of stainless steel to assure purity of materials.Big access door is for easy cleaning.Adopted P.I.D. control for accurate temperature control.Consisted of 2 high-temperature protective devices for safety.ModelCapacity(kg)Heating(kw)Blower(w)Power(v)Dimensions LxWxH(cm)Net Weight(Kg)WSDH-1000100040.81100380/3Ф195X164X332570WSDH-15001500511500380/3Ф198X173X390710WSDH-20002000613000380/3Ф197X223X422960WSDH-30003000684000380/3Ф205X227X4711300WSDH-1000-G100040.81100380/4Ф279X164X387695WSDH-1500-G1500511500380/5Ф280X173X445850WSDH-2000-G2000613000380/6Ф280X223X4741130WSDH-3000-G3000684000380/7Ф289X227X5231480Note: The capacity of hopper is based on PA-6 granula.We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice

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