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Gjs-d003 Fiber Optical Vertical Joint Splice Closure Box

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Scope of application This Installation Manual suits for the Fiber Optic Splice Closure (Hereafter abbreviated as FOSC), as the guidance of proper installation. The scope of application is: aerial, underground, wall-mounting, duct-mounting and handhole- mounting. The ambient temperature ranges from –40℃ to +65℃. Basic structure and configuration 2.1 Dimension and capacityOutside dimension (Height x Diameter)435mm×190mmWeight (excluding outside box)2350 g— 2600gNumber of inlet/out ports6 pieces in generalDiameter of fiber cableΦ8mm~Φ25 mmCapacity of FOSCBunchy: 12-96 (cores), Ribbon: up to 288 (cores)2.2 Main componentsNo.Name of componentsQuantityUsageRemarks1FOSC cover1 pieceProtecting fiber cable splices in wholeHeight x Diameter      355mm x 150mm2Fiber optic splice tray (FOST)Max. 6 trays (bunchy)      Max. 4 trays (ribbon)Fixing heat shrinkable protective sleeve and holding fibersSuitable for: Bunchy:12,24(cores) Ribbon:6 (pieces)3Fiber holding tray1 pcsHolding fibers with protective coat4Base1setFixing internal and external structure5Plastic hoop1 setFixing between FOSC cover and base6Seal fitting1 pieceSealing between FOSC cover and base7Pressure testing valve1 setAfter inject air, it is used for  pressure testing and sealing testingConfiguration as per requirement8Earthing deriving device1 setDeriving metal parts of fiber cables in FOSC for earthing connectionConfiguration as per requirement2.3 Main accessories and special toolsNo.Name of accessoriesQuantityUsageRemarks1Heat shrinkable protective sleeveProtecting fiber splicesConfiguration as per capacity2Nylon tieFixing fiber with protective coatConfiguration as per capacity3Heat shrinkable fixing sleeve (single)Fixing and sealing single fiber cableConfiguration as per requirement4Heat shrinkable fixing sleeve (mass)Fixing and sealing mass of fiber cableConfiguration as per requirement5Branching clipBranching fiber cablesConfiguration as per requirement6Earthing wire1 piecePutting through between earthing devices7Desiccant1 bagPut into FOSC before sealing for desiccating air8Labeling paper1 pieceLabeling fibers9Special wrench1 pieceTightening nut of reinforced core10Metal hoop1 setFor wall mounting and pole hugging11Buffer tube decided by customersHitched to fibers and fixed with FOST, managing buffer.Configuration as per requirement12Aluminum-foil paper1 pieceProtect the bottom of FOSC

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