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Gl Steel Sheet

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Product Description
chemical propertyphysical property1Single coil weightzinc layer, Ratio of zinc and aluminum2differential coatingPhosphate3Tensile testComposition content4Bending test5T5FinishingGOODSurface treatment:Phosphate treatment Acrylic acid passivation Phosphate primer Sweep sandProduction process:entry looper, pretreatment ,annesling fumace ,zinc pot ,cooling tower ,water quench tank ,skin pass,tension leveler,passivation coater,exit looper,pecoilerquality problem: Zinc scar, Zinc granule, Air knife. Exposed steelGradeChemical composition,%≤Yield strengthTensile strengthCSiMnPSTiReL/MpaRm/MpaDX51D+AZ0.120.500.600.1000.0450.30270~500DX52D+AZ0.120.500.600.1000.0450.30140~300270~420DX53D+AZ0.120.500.600.1000.0450.30140~260270~380DX54D+AZ0.120.500.600.1000.0450.30120~220270~350

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