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Glass Chemical Reactor Customize From China

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TOPTION glass chemical reactor customization provided for global customers who are work in biology,chemistry,pharmaceutical,environment analysis, food,academic research,etc.As star ISO & CE certified lab solution provider, TOPTION own more than 10 years technology developing experience, we encourage customers communicate with our engineer about your actual research or production needs, we support to design unique for you, provide most suitable lab solution for you and make your research more accurate & efficient is our mission.Reactor with pipe bundle condenser    Reactor with horizontal condenser    Reactor with sample condenserFalling film evaporator       Reactor with IR heater(400℃)       Reactor with PLC automatic system               Reactor with rectification column system                    Reactor with tail gas treatment system                              Ultrasonic continuous reactor                                            Ultrasonic reactorGlass chemical reactor customize welcome contact us directly: (24h/7days online service).

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