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Glass Cutting Machine

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glass cutting machine is composed of an upper piece, a computer cutting machine, a cutting machine and a lower piece table. The whole process of the production line adopts computer control, high automation degree and convenient maintenance. glass cutting machine is the first process of glass deep processing, but also the most used process. When the automatic glass cutting machine is used for cutting, it is required to make the layout first, then the process of cutting and removing the film can be carried out. It is not only required to discharge as much as possible to meet the requirements of the original piece of glass, improve the utilization of raw materials, but also requires a simple, easy to use, easy to use. Mechanical interactive typesetting is the most commonly used and most convenient way to make the operation of the operation of the workers in the field of control tasks. Interactive typesetting is the most commonly used, the most convenient way to make the operation of the workers in the field of control task list.Machine ModelDK7735ATapper±5°Max table travel mm450*350Worktable size mm630*350Wire travel length mm140–550Max workpiece thickness mm450Wire diameter mm0.12—0.22Max processing speed mm2/min180Roughness Ra/um1.25—2.5Power consumption kW1.8Max Load of worktable kgs250Machine size mm1600*1240*1650

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