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Glass Wool Sandwich Panel

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Sandwich panel is currently in a common building material products, has two layers of metal panels and middle polymer insulated core repression. Forming an outer steel full account of the structure and strength requirements, taking into account the appearance, the inner surface layer is formed into a flat to suit a variety of needs. Filling system used is closed cell molecular structure, can prevent moisture condensation.  Specifications and PerformanceStructureTwo layers of metal sheets, middle polymer insulated core repression like EPS, rock wool, glass woolThickness(mm)Metal sheets:0.2-0.6   Core:50-150Width(mm)950/970/1150Length(mm)Due to continuous molding production, plate length can be determined according to the project, limited to transport, normally do not exceed  11,900mmColorNormal: Blue, White gray, Red  Other colors are also availableUseful life15-20 yearsHeat-InsulationThickness(mm)5075100150W/m2k0.6630.4420.3300.220Kcal/m2·h·℃0.5700.3800.2800.190      SoundproofThickness(mm)5075100150R(dB)20.0021.5023.0024.50Why does the panel sandwich become more and more popular?  Color steel sandwich panels have both high mechanical strength, easy molding performance of the steel materials, and also have good decorative and corrosion resistance performance of coating material . Widely used in large industrial plants, warehouses, stadiums, supermarkets, hospitals, cold storage, activity room, building and floor, clean shop and the need insulation fire place. Sandwich panels are appearance, gorgeous color, good overall effect, it sets bearing, insulation, fire, water in one, and without re-decoration, quick and easy installation, short construction period, comprehensive benefits, is a versatile, have great potential of efficient and environmentally friendly building materials.How to install the panel sandwich?

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