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Globe Shape Separatory Funnel

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1542 Separating Funnel, Globe shape, with ground-in glass or plastic stopper and glass stopcockDescription: Separating funnel is a glass laboratory equipment, particularly used to a chemical test. It can help control experimental operation process and reduce labor intensity. Globe shape separating funnel’s body is a sphere. The upper end has a ground glass stopper, welded at the lower end of the piston and two-way funnel stalked. Since spherical diameter compared with the same specifications of the pear-shaped cylindrical separating funnel large diameter, it is easy to shake the liquid during operation, or flow speed. Also due to the large spherical diameter in the stratified liquid separation layer is difficult to grasp.There are 5 sizes available: 60ml globe shape separating funnel, 125ml globe shape separating funnel, 250ml globe shape separating funnel, 500ml globe shape separating funnel, 1000ml globe shape separating funnel.Material: Neutral glassColor: ClearKey Product Features:1.dropping liquid in any time2.control the liquid dropping rate3.Get smooth airflow4.Cheap price5.High qualitySpecification:Cat. No.CapacityO.D.ofTotalQty/Ctn bodylength mlmmmm154260552706015421256729048154225084315321542500100355241542100013042512

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