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FunctionPharmaceutical industry1.radiation, radioactive substances or because of leukopenia caused by anticancer drugsand other symptoms can play a protective effect. 2.To protect the liver, detoxification, inactivation of hormones, and to promote bile acidmetabolism and help absorb fat and fat-soluble vitamins digestive tract. 3.Anti-allergy, or inflammation caused by hypoxemia in patients with systemic or local,can reduce cell damage and promote repair. 4.To improve the course of certain diseases and symptoms as adjuvant drugs.5.Easy to speed up the metabolism of acids in the excretion of free radicals, which play a beauty skin care, anti-aging effect.Food additives 1. Added to food, can reduce the time of bread to the original one-half or one third, and serve to strengthen the role of food nutrition and other features. 2. The equivalent of vitamin C, can play a stabilizing agent. Beauty products Prevent the infiltration of Los tyrosinase in order to achieve the purpose of inhibiting melanin formation. On eliminate wrinkles, increase skin elasticity, shrink pores, lighten pigment, the body has an excellent whitening effect.ApplicationGlutathione has a broad spectrum of detoxification, not only can be used for drugs, but also as a functional food base material, in delaying aging, enhance immunity, anti-tumor and other functional foods widely used.

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