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Gluten Wheaten Dry Cargill - Ingredienty. Razvitie

Gluten Wheaten Dry Cargill

Product Description

Gluten wheat dry (wheaten gluten) - water insoluble protein of plant origin, in the course of hydration bulks up and forms fibers. Functional properties of gluten consist in high (180-200%) absorbing capacity, formation of stable elastic and elastic structure and heat stability at 85 °C. Unsatisfactory quality of raw materials for production of food stuffs including bakery products, forces producers to use new approaches for providing their quality and nutrition value, for achievement of these purposes and use wheat gluten. High quality of gluten - guarantee of stable quality of product.

The greatest number of gluten in the world is applied:

at bread baking, at production of rolls, bread, cakes, cookies directly at the baking enterprises;
at production of the test for pasta and various ravioli (pelmeni, vareniki, etc.), pizza;
for enrichment of flour at the flour-grinding enterprises, by production of pasta;
at production of forcemeat for sausages (boiled and half-smoked sausages and semi-finished products), chopped semi-finished products and semi-finished products in the test;
by production of cheeses, forages and food simulators ("seafood", etc.);
the dry gluten can replace soy isolate or soy-bean flour;
for breading and glazing of foodstuff.


1-3% (when processing flour with the lowered maintenance of gluten at all ways of testoprigotovleniye (basic, bezoparny, accelerated);
to 2% (for improvement of physical and rheological properties of the test and quality of bread from wheat flour);
4-6% (for improvement of structure of porosity and specific volume of bread when processing flour with low baking properties);
28-30% for production of the dumplings test and macaroni flour make the optimum maintenance of gluten in flour approximately;
2-20% (at preparation of cookies);
5-50% (for preparation of stuffings for flour confectionery);
1-2% (at production of pizza);
3-6% (by production of processed cheeses);
2-6% in a dry form (at preparation of meat and sausage forcemeats)

Qualitative characteristics:

Indicators: Characteristic and norm:
Outward: homogeneous loose powder
Smell and taste: inherent to dry wheat gluten without foreign smacks and smells
Color: from cream to yellow or light brown
Mass fraction of moisture, % no more: 9
Mass fraction of protein in terms of a.s.v., % not less: 70
Mass fraction of the general ashes in terms of a.s.v., % no more: 1,5
Agglomeration time, sec., no more: 40
Absorbing capacity on water, %, not less: 150
Nutrition value on 100 g of product: proteins - 70 g, carbohydrates - 15 g
Energy value on 100 g of product: 340 kcal

Safety indicators: On microbiological indicators, the maintenance of toxic elements, mycotoxins, pesticides does not exceed the tolerance levels established the SanPiN (enc. 1 Indus. 1.9.1, The product does not contain GMO! Is allergen.

Producer and country of origin: LLC Cargill, Russia. TU 9189-005-00365517-06

Packaging: Bags paper with polyethylene insert with a net weight of 25 kg.


Storage: in the dry aired warehouses without foreign smell which are not infected with wreckers flour wreckers at temperature not above 25C relative humidity of air no more than 70%.
Period of storage: 24 months in the closed original packaging.

Brand: Каргилл
Country of manufacture: Russia

Min. Order 18 000 kg
Price 1,6$/kg
FOB St. Petersburg
Min. Order price 28800$

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Company Info

Ingredienty. Razvitie
Contact Person:
Alexey Nasonov


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