Gold Bars 4 Sale - Kongba Community Gold Mines Limited

Gold Bars 4 Sale

PRICE: 30000 USD
Product Description

We are Dealers and Exporter of Gold Dore Bars and Dust at Kongba Community Gold Mines Limited(KCGM LIMITED), a reputable mining company located at Gbarpolu County in Liberia, We are  proud to announce that we have gold dore bars and dust available for sale, we also work Legally and directly with Lands and Mines Authorities and therefore have all legal license as gold dealers and exporters of the said product.

we specialize in Mining and export of all kinds of Gold forms, Such as Gold dore bar, gold dust, gold Nugget,our team have a great deal of experience in exporting products to overseas.

Commodity:    Aurum Utalium (AU)
Form:    Non Hallmarked Gold (Dore Bars)
Purity:   96.89%
Quality:  22+ carats.
Origin:  Liberia, West Africa

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Company Info

Kongba Community Gold Mines Limited
Contact Person:
Joseph Richards