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Gold Nuggets

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Gold is a precious metal. Jewelry may be the first thing that comes to many people's minds when they think of gold, but the gold in jewelry is rarely pure. It contains other alloys to make it harder. Because of gold's ability to conduct electricity, many industries make use of it. It is also a popular investment item. Though the price of gold fluctuates, many regard it as a wise investment because its value generally increases over time. Those who choose to buy gold may purchase coins, which have numismatic value in addition to the value of the metal itself. Others buy gold bars, dust gold,which mostly have just melt value.


As my family heritage, i have important quantity of gold ( Gold bars, dust Gold,Gold Nuggets etc …)


CARATS : 16 Carats,18 Carats, 22 Carats, 24 carats


PURITY : 97.38% purity


ORIGINE  : Congo,Cameroon, Central Africa République, Ghana,Mali, Guinea




I and my brother are looking for an honest person who will join with us and bring our important Gold quantity out of Africa on his name, for sell and share the profits.

We the owners of this important quantity  of Gold that we heritage from our late father. He is in Kenya and me Currently in the Philippines.

We need  someone who will come with me in Kenya, see the goods and do all the necessary documentation on his name, with his own money, since we have no document for this huge quantity of gold. with all the necessary documents,the goods will  be move out of Africa to any destination country of his choice for sale. After we will share the profits.

For more information kindly contact me.


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