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Good Low Temperature Characteristics Aluminium Capacitor

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Good Low Temperature Characteristics Aluminum Capacitor1  Features and advantages of productsSpecialized for charging pile Make charging pile start normal at low temperature and different elevation , make sure the output less than or equal to 0.1 %, stabilized voltage precision less than or equal to ±0.5%; stabilized current precision less than or equal to ±1%Guarantee 105℃, 3000hours, high reliability; (After the life test, the test values decreased 5%~8%) Guarantee product feature at the limit of low temperature( at the high and low temperature situation capacity attenuation decreased by about 25%, and the impedance change was reduced by about 30%) Low leakage current  low loss2  Main technical parameters:Temperature range: -40(-25)~+105℃Voltage range: 300~500VCapacitance range:47~1000uf   @20℃,120HzCapacitance tolerance: ±20%The maximum loss:  0.15  @20℃, 120HzHigh-temperature zero load characteristics:Capacitor kept in 85℃ environment for 1000hours, then tested in 20℃ environment and the test result should satisfy the requirements as below.Capacitor change rate (△C)≤ initial value±15%Loss value(tgδ)≤ initial specification value±150% Leakage current≤ initial specification value3  Usage:Low power dc charging pile , Monolithic dc charging pile , Split type dc charging pile , Charging poles , Charging pole ;   small leakage current Snap-in type  Capacitor , low temperature rise Capacitor for Charging pile,anti-thunder aluminum Capacitor for Charging piles,Normal start in low temperature environment Capacitor ,-40℃ Electrolytic Capacitors for Charging pile ,85℃ Super Small Volume Capacitor, 105℃ Super Small Volume Aluminum Capacitor,550v Super Small Volume Aluminum  Capacitor,6000h Small Volume Electrolytic Capacitor ,low esr Small Volume Capacitor ,Super Long Life Capacitor6000h, 12000h Aluminum Capacitor, high temperature resistance Aluminum Capacitor ,non-polarity Aluminum Capacitor, 12000h high ripple Electrolytic Capacitor  4  Contact informationIf you want to know more about Good Low Temperature Characteristics Aluminum Capacitor, please contact our sales manager Jack Fang :Email:  jackfang12345@yahoo.comPhone: 86-13163150827Skype: jackfang2016@hotmail.comWhatsApp: 0086-13163150827

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