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Good Strength Polyester Fishing Twine

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Good strength polyester fishing twineIt is raw material, used for processing to dyed high tenacity polyester filament thread which is the best choice for the knitting and sewing of classical suits, high quality garment,leather &bag, luggage, footwear, upholstered furniture, sporting goods, quilting, binding, yarn, etc.Description of product:1.Polyester fishing twine 2.Material:100% PET3.Spec:210D/2-120PLY4.Height: 4",6" 8" 10"5.Packing:50g-2500g/spool,1pc/shrink.6.Color: Depend on the customer's demand  7. Package: After Shrink wrap film outer put in Cartons or Woven bagsTechnical Data:Spec.Diameter(m/m)Tensile strengthTensile elongationLength(m/kg)120D/30.23  ≥2.3 kg 8.40 20900150D/20.22  ≥2.0kg 8.40 27500150D/30.25  ≥2.9kg 8.40 18000210D/20.25  ≥2.5kg 9.30 18500250D/20.28  ≥3.0kg 9.50 15500210D/30.32  ≥3.7kg 9.40 12300250D/30.33  ≥4.8kg 9.60 10500210D/40.36  ≥5.1kg 11.40 9100250D/40.40  ≥6.0kg 10.50 7750420D/20.36  ≥5.1kg 9.00 9100500D/20.40  ≥6.0kg 6.00 7750300D/30.38  ≥5.6kg 11.10 9000420D/30.45  ≥7.5kg 10.40 6400500D/30.48  ≥8.6kg 11.30 5500630D/30.50  ≥11.0kg 11.00 4400750D/30.55  ≥13.7kg 11.60 3500840D/30.60  ≥13.5kg 11.30 32001260D/30.80  ≥21.0kg 12.50 21702100D/31.20  ≥32.5kg 15.30 1160  Product Pictures:Contact:If you have any question, please feel free to contact me. Serena Wen Laizhou Lutong Plastics Co.,ltdLaizhou Economic Development Area, Laizhou City,Shandong Province ,ChinaTEL:0086-15318650448FAX:0086-535-2416658Skype: serenawen1E-mail:

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