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Green-Aqua Equipment & Electrical Co.,Ltd, with professional sea water desalination machine factory, is one of the best China sea water desalination machine manufacturers, welcome to wholesale products from us.Sea Water Machine:Item:GRA-100I(400L/H)Features:Main parts are imported with reliable functionHigh pressure pump are Danfos pump from Denmark which isMaintenance free operation warranty within 8000hoursPretreatment Protection device to protect high pressure pump and RO membrane to be damaged by grain or other hard solids.Low pressure switch to protect high pressure pump to be damaged by lower pressure.if the water supply is stopped or not enough pressure,the system will be stopped automaticallyAdvanced membrane protection device:when start the machine,such device will be washing membrane automatically by the high water pressure from the high pressure pump to keep the life span of membraneFlow meter for product water,waste water to monitor and adjust the water output and the water utilization rate.Conductivity meter to monitor the water quality·Input and exhaust water pressure difference,continuous monitor the RO membrane pressure difference to indicate the rinse time.Design the independent chemical washing RO membrane deviceSea Water input Parameters:Total sea water input water:1000L/HBackwash flux of pre-treatment:800L/HEnvironmental temperature:0-45℃,Sea water temperature: 5-35℃Humidity: 20-100%Pollution index:SDI≤5Residual chlorine:<0.1Turbidity:<1.0NTUWaste water Lang Greer index:LSI<0.5Product water parameter:Product water capacity: 400L/HProduct water pressure:

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