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Graphene Paste

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Graphene pasteDescriptionsGraphene paste is a high concentration of graphene dispersion of a quantity of few-layeredgraphene dispersed in water or an organic solvent. The paste,Website:, graphene can be uniformly andstably dispersed in the solvent, effectively overcome the stacking and agglomeration of graphenesheet layers, give fu ll play to its excellent physical properties, with a wide range of applicationareas in mechanical enhancement, thermal and electrical conductivity.Property( a ) High solid content, high purity, high dispersion and strong stability.( b ) High conductivity, high thermal conductivity and excellent mechanical properties.Application( a ) As a function of the modified materials for functional coatings, latex, etc.( b ) As the conductive additive used in inks, electromagnetic shielding, antistatic and lithium-ion batteries.QualificationTypeSolventSolid Content wt%Particle size(D50) /μmpHViscositymPa.sImpurity Content ppmGP 1201H₂O5.0±0.3≤67~8≤3000500GP 2201NMP5.0±0.3≤67~8≤1000500StorageSealed from light, storage temperature does not exceed 50℃ , the effective shelf life of the product is sixmonths calculated from the date of production, please use after opening as soon as possible in order toprevent solvent evaporation impact on product concentration.

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