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Graphite Anode

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Graphite AnodeGraphite anodes are produced by high quality petroleum coke and it has been available commercially since 1940. We have developed several treatments to improve the performance of the graphite anode and to filling the porous with high quality nonconducting material like boiled linseed oil, wax and special resins.Graphite anodes have been used in many applications for its affordable cost and good electrical conductivity, especially used for underground pipelines.The forms of graphite anodes:a). Rod, without processing                    b). Rod, Hole prepared for connection c). End connection                            d). Center connectionProperties of Graphite anodesBulk Densityg/cm3 Apparent Porosity %Grain Size mm Ash % Sulphur% Specific ResistanceOhms/mm sq 1.65 min5 max1.5 max0.16 max0.01 max8.6Graphite anode specification and dimensionTypeHTG-AHTG-B HTG-C HTG-DDiameter3 inch4 inch3 inch4 inchLength30 inch40inch60 inch80 inchWeight13.0 lbs35.0 lbs27.0 lbs70.0lbs

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