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Graphite Packing Impregnated With Ptfe

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Product Description
JFY-1200P Graphite packing impregnated with PTFEDescription:Graphite packing impregnated with PTFE is impregnated with PTFE emulsion grade line fully prepared. Compared with the ordinary graphite packing, section is denser, not only to retain the graphite packing, self-lubrication, resistance to corrosion, and increases the air tightness of packing.Application range:Rotary pumps and valves for power station and boiler room, suitable for petrochemical, paper and other industries.Application medium:Steam, water, fuel, gas, chemicals, mineral oil and synthetic oil, sewage. Suitable for all processing industries, in addition to the high oxidation medium.Technical data:RotatingReciprocatingValvesPressure3 Mpa10 Mpa20 MpaShaft speed:22 m/s rotaryTemperature-200 to +280 atmosphere; to +280 in steamPH range0~14Other reinforced materials are also available.Not suitable for:Except with highly oxidizing agents.Package:5kg/roll, 10kg/roll.Supply OEM products.

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