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Graphite Packing With Zinc

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Product Description
JFY-1200Z Graphite packing with ZincDescription:Compared with ordinary graphite packing, it has the similar properties. But due to corrosion resistant graphite packing add special zinc powder 1%, by anodic sacrifice effect, can effectively protect and packing is connected at the stem shaft surface, and can reduce the sleeve replacement cost.Application range:Rotary pumps and valves for power station and boiler room, suitable for petrochemical, paper and other industries.Application medium:Steam, water, fuel, gas, chemicals, mineral oil and synthetic oil, sewage. Suitable for all processing industries, in addition to the high oxidation medium.Technical data:RotatingReciprocatingValvesPressure3 Mpa10 Mpa20 MpaShaft speed:20 m/s rotaryTemperature-200  to +455  atmosphere; to +650  in steamPH range0~14Other reinforced materials are also available.Not suitable for:Except with highly oxidizing agents.Package:5kg/roll, 10kg/roll.Supply OEM products.

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