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Ground Mat

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Product Description
1.UHMW,UHMW’s molecular weight ranges from 3.1 million to 9.2 million for your choice2.Standard size:1x3m, 2x3m, 1.5x1.5mThickness: 3mm to 500mmWe can manufacture according to your requirements too.3.Features and advantages of our ground mata Temporary access roadway is a natural shock absorber,  reducing fatigue on manpower and equipment. B Its excellent abrasion and impact resistant make  equipment is less likely to slip off the track to become damaged and caught in the terrain it is being protected from .C Made by uhmw-pe material,with low density ,more east to install and   handleD High friction-resistant protect the machine from damage weather in rainy or snowy day ,its non-slip processed surface prevent tyre slippage and save expensive replacement costs,and even keep the ground from large vehicles.E Strong tensile strength F Extremely durable and long lastingG Low maintenance ,easy to clean, easy to wash off, therefore less labor intensive and a cost saving. It is really convenient . H Good chemical resistance,corrosion-resistant.You have no more worry on its service lifetime.4. Specification

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