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Guide Bushing

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Product Description
guide bushing have up to 10 times the life of bronze bushes. Because it has high dimensional stability and good water-proof, it can work well in the water. The up to 30 MPa (4275 psi) load carrying capacity of the AYUH bushings isgreater than that ofwhite metals. The self-lubricating is better than nylon. The thermal expansion factor of AYUH Bushes is only 2.5 times than that of bronze, while nylon and HDPE are 5 to 10 times greater respectively.AYUH Bushings are very resistant to dilute acids, organic solvents, oils and petroleum. It has limited resistance to strong acids and alkalis. Lengthy immersion in boiling water should be avoided. Features:• Good resistance to acids and alkalis.• Very good weather and aging resistance.• Water and Oil resistance.  • Good self-lubrication  • Ultra-Low temperature resistant.• High tensile strength • High Density

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