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Guide Rail

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#50L Solid Lubricated Guide Rail1.The #50L solid lubricated guide rail combines the wear-resisting property of copper alloy with the self-lubricating property of solid lubricant. In this way, it can be used without oiling and maintenance.2.The copper alloy guide track is widely applied in high-load, intermittent or oscillating motion, e.g., the auto stamping moulds, injection moulds, and the general machinery, etc. Various types of copper alloy can be provided in accordance with working conditions.3.Please choose the part number of the general machinery guide way in compliance with suitable width and length.4.For instance, the ordering code of the solid lubricated guide rail is DNB-#50L-20100 under conditions of 20mm width and 100mm length.Main SpecificationsPart No.WidthLengthBolt HoleSketchabcdSizeQty.#50L-20x1002010060---M82A#50L-20x150201505555--"3"#50L-20x20020200555055-"4"#50L-30x1003010060---M102B#50L-30x150301505555--"3"#50L-30x20030200505055-"4"#50L-30x25030250707070-"4"#50L-45x20045200555055-"4C#50L-45x25045250707070-"4"#50L-45x3004530065656565"5"#50L-45x3504535080757580"5"

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