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Gun Drilling Machine For High Pressure Oil Rail

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Deep hole drilling machine for high pressure oil rail ZK2115X4/500Main parameter of machineProcessing Ability1.       No. of spindle: 4 pcs2.       Drilling hole diameter: 5mm---15mm3.       Drilling depth: 500mm4.       Workpiece: high pressure oil rail of all kinds 5.       Workpiece length: 500mm     Processing Speed1.       Max. rotary speed of drill stem: 5000r/min2.       Workpiece rotary speed: 0 special clamping 3.       Feed speed range: ≤1500mm/min4.       Fast moving speed: ≤2000mm/min      Processing Precision1.       Skewness of drilling hole: ≤1.0x1000(drilling length)mm2.       Dimensional precision: IT83.       Roughness: Ra0.8—Ra1.6  no obvious iron chip scratch     Machine Power 1.       Drill stem motor power: 2x5.5KW 2.       Oil pump motor power: 2x7.5KW3.       Feed motor power: 2.3KW4.       Oil temperature coolant machine power: 4.05kw    Hydraulic System1.       Max. flow: 4x40L/Min2.       Max. pressure: 10MPa3.       Filter precision: 20um4.       Oil capacity: 1360L    Basic Dimension & Weight 1.       Ground area(L*W*H): 4500*3000*1800(drilling depth refer to 500mm)2.       Distance between drill stem center and floor: 1070mm3.       Height between drill stem and guide rail: 297mm4.       Distances between spindles: 140mm5.       Weight of machine: 6.5TTypical parts: high pressure oil rail. The workpiece clamping device is specially design for high pressure oil rail.    If more question, please feel free to contact us.   Email:    Whatsapp: 8618740435523   Skype: gsm-grace

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