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Gyx Overflow Dyeing Machine

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Product Description
GYS HT dyeing machineLow bath ratio and high speed dyeing machine, single drive roll with dual tubesCan reduce dyeing difference and shorten circulation time, improve dyeing evenness appearance.Technical datamodelitemGYX(1)300GYX(2)600GYX(3)900GYX(4)1200Number of tube2246capacityKG250-300400-600800-10001600-2000Bath ratio1:5~8Maximum temperature140Running speed(m/min)0~600Heating rate(25 ~130 )30 /min(steam pressure  5.0bar)Cooling rate(130 ~80 )30 /min(cooling water 20 )Pump power(HP)274060120Machinesize(mm)LengthL19000900090009000L211100111001110011100WidthW2050387557007350HeightH3100310031003100

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